Month: June 2019

Find a town loan bank in the Netherlands.

  The municipal loan bank helps people to pay off their debts. You can, as it were, borrow money from the municipal Loan bank In an article on the website of bank info you can read what the tasks are of the Municipal loan bank (GKB). In addition, we explain how much you can borrow, […]

Everything you need to know about bank opening hours!

  Are banks open on Midsummer Eve, or will the money move from one bank to another on Independence Day? What is the easiest way to do banking if you can’t visit a bank branch? We collected information on bank opening hours and alternative service channels! Office hours According to the Bank of Finland, bank […]

Mortgage | Choose the mortgage that suits you best

You took out a mortgage years ago at a certain interest rate. At present, the mortgage interest rate is significantly lower. You can then decide to take out your mortgage. Do you want to buy a house? You probably don’t have enough financial resources to pay the purchase price in cash. You will have to […]

Settlement of Bad Credit: First Credit Card or Mortgage?

Before discussing whether to pay off a credit card or mortgage first, we must know that the settlement of bad credit can be achieved by being active in approaching the lender and the activity of the recipient of the credit to pay off the credit. From the Credit Provider From the credit provider, usually a […]