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Renovation loan

  Do you have planned renovations in and / or around your home? Are you ready for a new kitchen or bathroom? Does the garden need urgent maintenance? Then you may be eligible for a renovation loan. This loan has been created for all renovations that are taking place in and around the home and […]

Interest closely – existing loans

Following interest rates closely ensures that you are always insured of the cheapest loan, regardless of its purpose. Unfortunately this requires a lot of time and effort as the interest rate will vary per provider and is subject to change. Fortunately, you are not obliged to monitor the interest yourself. You can compare loans and […]

Payday loan ready with quick response

Your payday loan and your quick response with Credilend Life is unforeseen and sometimes an unexpected expense can come out of nowhere. It can be an unfortunate event such as a funeral to prepare, medical expenses following an accident or illness, a car that breaks down and needs to be repaired, a roof that flies away […]

The Most Frequent Reasons For Requesting A Loan

Currently loans are requested for numerous reasons. So if you want to know the most frequent reasons for requesting a loan , stay with us because we reveal what are the main ones.   Reasons why a loan is requested If you have never considered the possibility of requesting a loan, you may not know […]

Is it a requirement to have a credit card to apply for a mortgage loan?

Having a credit card and proper management is an argument in your financial history. But is it essential to apply for a mortgage loan? I have met people who have only one bank account ; also, employees who, by improving their income, access a credit card; Finally, others who invest in stocks and financial papers. […]

Credit for a Car: Good Debt or Bad Debt?

When you get into debt you have to take into account several factors, the amount requested, the interest rate, payment facilities, etc. However, one of the most important points to consider is that the loan money will be dedicated. Is it for something necessary or for a whim? Normally, depending on whether it is for […]

Find a town loan bank in the Netherlands.

  The municipal loan bank helps people to pay off their debts. You can, as it were, borrow money from the municipal Loan bank In an article on the website of bank info you can read what the tasks are of the Municipal loan bank (GKB). In addition, we explain how much you can borrow, […]

Everything you need to know about bank opening hours!

  Are banks open on Midsummer Eve, or will the money move from one bank to another on Independence Day? What is the easiest way to do banking if you can’t visit a bank branch? We collected information on bank opening hours and alternative service channels! Office hours According to the Bank of Finland, bank […]

Mortgage | Choose the mortgage that suits you best

You took out a mortgage years ago at a certain interest rate. At present, the mortgage interest rate is significantly lower. You can then decide to take out your mortgage. Do you want to buy a house? You probably don’t have enough financial resources to pay the purchase price in cash. You will have to […]

Settlement of Bad Credit: First Credit Card or Mortgage?

Before discussing whether to pay off a credit card or mortgage first, we must know that the settlement of bad credit can be achieved by being active in approaching the lender and the activity of the recipient of the credit to pay off the credit. From the Credit Provider From the credit provider, usually a […]